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2112 (twenty-one twelve) is our newest beer, and the first produced on our new Elite Stainless kit, ‘Twenty One Twelve’. Named after the record of the same name by Canadian legends Rush, where the protagonist of the story envisions a world where music and creativity flourish and yearns for a new beginning, this beer marks the start of our journey into brewing on a larger scale for a larger audience.Produced with Cryo Pop and Talus, directly from Yakima Chief, this 8.0% Double IPA showcases the zesty citrus, tropical and subtle piney bitterness flavours and a delicate aroma of rose petals from the Talus dry hop, and big fruity flavours of Mango, Pineapple and Grapefruit from a Cryo Pop whirlpool and active fermentation dry hop.




440 Milliliters
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