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What Chelmsford needs is a Two-Way Flyover

In December 1978, then Councillor and Chairman of the Highway Committee for @essex_cc David Fisher drove his blue Jaguar across the Army and Navy Flyover waving out the window to photographers and members of the public who had come out to see it’s opening.

In September 2019, 40 years on that flyover was closed for good and removed from the Army and Navy Roundabout.

We have always joked that ‘what Chelmsford needs is a Two-Way Flyover’ because of how awful traffic is in and out of the City and whilst we can’t afford to build a real one (yet) what we can do is have a bit of fun with it.

So here it is Chelmsford, your Two-Way Flyover. A 6.8% New England IPA, hopped so intensely with in excess of 13.5g of hops per litre, including a biotransformation addition for extra hop power and a complex array of malts, make this beer an explosion of flavour. Mango and Peach to taste and Citrus aroma feature heavily from the three wonderful hops we have used in this brew: Citra, El Dorado and Mosaic.

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